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Table 3 Competencies that have perceived gaps in training according to > 50% of respondents.

From: Determining specific competencies for General Internal Medicine residents (PGY 4 and PGY 5). What are they and are programs currently teaching them? A survey of practicing Canadian General Internists

Competency % Respondents
Manage practice 79%
Manage balance 71%
Participation in quality improvement projects 59%
Patient safety initiatives 58%
Cost appropriate care 57%
Drug Interactions 55%
Pharmacology in the elderly 52%
Pain Control 51%
Emergency Cardiac Syndromes in Pregnancy 51%
Proficiency in Exercise Stress Testing 50%
Knowledge of risk benefit for classes of medications in pregnancy 50%
Knowledge of Provincial Driving Restrictions 65%
Recognize and respond to others' unprofessional behaviours 52%