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Table 3 Patterns of self medication with antibiotics among people in Yogyakarta City Indonesia

From: Self medication with antibiotics in Yogyakarta City Indonesia: a cross sectional population-based survey

Patterns of self medication with antibiotics Number
(n: 41)
1. What were the names of the antibiotics you used in the last month?  
Amoxicillin 32
Ampicillin 4
Others (e.g.: fradiomycin-gramicidin, ciprofloxacin, tetracycline) 5
2. What were the health problems/symptoms that you used these antibiotics to treat?  
Common-cold, cough, sore throat 13
Headache 8
Itching 5
Toothache 5
Fever 5
Others (stomach pain, ear pain, post partum) 5
3. Had you used these antibiotics previously?  
Yes 33
No 8
4. Where did you obtain these antibiotics?  
Purchased the antibiotics without prescriptions 29
Combination of purchased them without prescriptions and leftovers 5
Combination of purchased them without prescriptions, leftovers, and obtaining from family or friends. 7
5. If you purchased the antibiotics without prescription, where did you purchase them?  
Pharmacies 26
Combination of pharmacies, drug stores, and kiosks 8
Kiosks 5
Drug stores 2
6. How did you know about these antibiotics? (sources of information about antibiotics)  
Physician, pharmacist 21
Friends, Relatives 13
Combination of pharmacist, pharmacy assistant, drug store owners, and health professionals at primary health care 4
Magazine, advertising, brochure 2
Past experiences 1
7. What was the cost of these antibiotics?  
Less than $ 0.5 12
Free (obtained from relatives/friends; leftovers) 11
$ 0.5 to $ 1 9
$ 1 to $ 3 8
More than $ 3
Note: US $ 1 ~ Rp. 10,000 (Indonesian currency)
8. How many days did you use this antibiotics?  
One day to two days, if necessary 15
Three to seven days 20
More than seven days 6
9. What were your reasons to use these antibiotics to treat your health problems/symptoms with the non-prescribed antibiotics?  
Previous successful experiences 24
Saving time 5
Saving money 5
Others (easier, doctors tend to prescribe the same antibiotic, recommended by health professionals) 7