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Table 2 Individual data for chickens in primary exposure study

From: Studies of the transmissibility of the agent of bovine spongiform encephalopathy to the domestic chicken

Bird Identification Inoculum Route of exposure Sex Survival time (days) Experimental outcome (E/D)aand occurrence of syndromes (M/N)b
986 Bovine BSE Parenteralc f 65 (E) Neurological signs, NSL
988 Bovine BSE Parenteral f 273 (D)/NSL
982 Bovine BSE Parenteral m 274 (D)/NSL
981 Bovine BSE Parenteral f 378 (E) Egg peritonitis
983d Bovine BSE Parenteral m 664 (E) Acute onset (M)
980d Bovine BSE Parenteral m 1302 (D)/NSL (M/N)
984d Bovine BSE Parenteral m 1486 (D)/NSL (M)
989 Bovine BSE Parenteral f 1780 (D) Ovarian adenocarcinoma (N)
979 Bovine BSE Parenteral f 1804 (E) Ovarian adenocarcinoma (N)
987 Bovine BSE Parenteral f 1841 Terminal kill/NSL (M/N)
985ยง Bovine BSE Parenteral m 1841 Terminal kill/NSL (M/N)
990 Bovine BSE Parenteral f 1843 Terminal kill/NSL (M/N)
966 Bovine BSE Oral f 390 (E) Hepatitis
970 Bovine BSE Oral f 573 (E) Weight loss
976d Bovine BSE Oral m 1230 (E) (M)
978d Bovine BSE Oral m 1413 (E) (M)
969d Bovine BSE Oral m 1555 (E) Collapse (M)
965d Bovine BSE Oral m 1601 (E) (M)
967 Bovine BSE Oral f 1808 (D) Ovarian adenocarcinoma
971 Bovine BSE Oral f 1830 Terminal kill/NSL (N)
968 Bovine BSE Oral f 1830 Terminal kill/NSL (N)
977 Bovine BSE Oral m 1834 Terminal kill/NSL (M)
972 Bovine BSE Oral f 1834 Terminal kill/NSL (N)
959 Saline Parenteral f 222 (D)
958 Saline Parenteral m 395 (E) Weight loss
955 Saline Parenteral m 757 (D)
960 Saline Parenteral m 862 (E) Weight loss/NSL
956 Saline Parenteral m 1037 (D)/NSL
964 Saline Parenteral m 1037 (E) Neurological signs/NSL
951 Saline Parenteral m 1225 (E) Neurological signs/NSL
961 Saline Parenteral f 1310 (E) Egg peritonitis
954 Saline Parenteral f 1528 (E) Weight loss/NSL
963 Saline Parenteral f 1547 (D) Ovarian adenocarcinoma (N)
953b Saline Parenteral m 1837 (D) Meningoencephalitis (N)
952b Saline Parenteral f 1868 Terminal kill/NSL
962b Saline Parenteral f 1868 Terminal kill/NSL (N)
957b Saline Parenteral f 1868 Terminal kill/splenomegaly/meningo-encephalitis (N)
  1. m male; f female
  2. aE euthanasia due to compromised welfare; D found dead
  3. bM motor disturbance syndrome; N narcolepsy
  4. cintracranial and intraperitoneal
  5. NSL no significant lesions at necropsy
  6. dDonor chicken for sub-passage studies