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Table 4 Risk behavior and practice that predispose students towards HIV and other STIs

From: Assessment of knowledge, attitude and risk behaviors towards HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted infection among preparatory students of Gondar town, north west Ethiopia

Risk behavior and practice Frequency (%)
At least one risk behavior & practice  
   Yes 60(25)
   No 180(75)
Shared sharps  
   Yes 12(5)
   No 228(95)
Sexual initiation  
   Yes 60(25)
   No 180(95)
Sexual partner during sexual initiation  
   Fixed friend 19(31.7)
   Causal friend 38(63.3)
   CSW 3(5)
Number of sexual partner  
   Single 34(56.7)
   Multiple 26(43.3)
Condom use during sexual intercourse  
   Always 37(61)
   Sometimes 23(39)
Sex under external influence  
   Alcohol 9(15)
   drugs 8(13.3)
Route of sexual intercourse  
   Usual anatomical sites 41(68.3)
   Un usual anatomical sites 19(31.7)