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Table 1 Overall result of Species and Carnivore specific PCR identification:

From: Noninvasive genetic population survey of snow leopards (Panthera uncia) in Kangchenjunga conservation area, Shey Phoksundo National Park and surrounding buffer zones of Nepal

  Carnivore PCR Positive sample Carnivore PCR Negative sample TOTAL(N)
Species PCR Positive samples N = 19 N = 0 Total Species ID PCR positive = 19
Species PCR Negative samples N = 30 N = 22 Total Species ID negative = 52
Total (N) N = 49 N = 22 Total No. of samples = 71
  1. All 19 snow leopard positive PCR samples were also positive for Carnivore specific PCR. There were 30 samples that were positive for carnivore PCR but negative for snow leopard PCR. For both species and carnivore specific PCR, there were 22 samples that did not yielded any amplification.