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Table 2 Summary of the disconnectivity key node analysis.

From: Integration of gene expression data with prior knowledge for network analysis and validation

Network Method 1st Key node 2nd Key node 3rd Key node 4th Key node 5th Key node
Signaling Network strict MEK1 (0.21) SHP-2 (0.20) Abl (0.18) ERK1 (0.14) MEKK1 (0.13)
  1-ext. p53 (0.16) SHIP (0.06) PIAS1 (0.06) Fyn (0.06) PAK2 (0.04)
Metabolic Network strict Nucleoside-diphosphate kinase (0.39) Hexokinase (0.32) Phosphatidate phosphatase (0.26) Glucosyl-ceramidase (0.25) Glucosyl-ceramide synthase (0.24)
  1-ext. Lipoprotein lipase (0.22) Nucleoside-diphosphate kinase (0.14) Succinate-CoA ligase (GDP-forming) (0.14) 5'-nucleotidase (0.12) Hexokinase (0.11)
  1. The five Dis-top-ranked vertices are shown for each filtered network. Most prominent vertices in the signaling networks are related to the "EGF network". The proteins hexokinase, lipoprotein lipase and further high-ranking nodes of breast cancer metabolism indicate that energy supply and conversion play the major role.