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Figure 4

From: Clustering of classical swine fever virus isolates by codon pair bias

Figure 4

Codon pair bias overlays of vaccine and highly virulent CSFV strains using the differential display codon pair context tool of ANACONDA 2.0; 61 × 64 codon pair bias matrices are shown. Yellow spots indicate differences in the corresponding codon pair usage whereas black colour means that codon pairs are used with similar residual values. Shown are codon pair overlays of the "GPE-" vaccine strain and the parental highly virulent "ALD" strain (A), of the highly virulent "ALD" and "Koslov" strains (B), of the "GPE-" and "C-strain Riems" vaccine viruses (C), and of the "C-strain Riems" and "HCLV" vaccine viruses (D).

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