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Table 3 Haplotypes constructed using 18 genetic variants of PTPN22

From: PTPN22 polymorphisms may indicate a role for this gene in atopic dermatitis in West Highland white terriers

Haplotypea Number of chromosomes
   Atopic dogs Non-atopic dogs
A C-del-G-T-T-T-del-A-C-A-C-C-variantb-C-T-T-C-T 4/6 0/6
B T-A-A-C-C-G-del-A-T-G-C-T-wildc-C-T-T-C-T 2/6 0/6
C C-A-G-C-C-A-del-A-C-G-T-T-wildc-T-T-C-C-T 0/6 4/6
D C-A-G-C-C-A-del-A-C-G-T-C-wildc-T-T-C-C-G 0/6 1/6
E C-del-G-T-T-G-del-A-C-A-C-T-variantc-T-T-C-C-T 0/6 1/6
  1. amaximum-likelihood (Log likelihood = - 108.87) haplotype assignment for the dogs as predicted by Superlink [7]; b22-T repeat allele; c17-T repeat allele; del: nucleotide deletion