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Figure 2

From: Peripheral blood gene expression: it all boils down to the RNA collection tubes

Figure 2

Comparison of fold changes between PAXgeneTM and TempusTM tubes after dexamethasone-stimulation: Heatmap of fold changes of 54 significantly differentially expressed transcripts after dexamethasone-stimulation in PAXgene™ and Tempus™ tubes. The legend displays the colour mapping to row-wise Z-scores, which are calculated by subtracting the mean from each cell, and then dividing the value by the standard deviation of the row. The density plot in the legend indicates that most transcripts have consistent fold changes across the 4 groups (non-significant differences are indicated in orange). Few transcripts show significant differences in dexamethasone induction as indicated in red and white. The histogram in the heatmap indicates the z-score scaling across the rows, with the dotted black line indicating a z-score of 0. The transcripts are ordered according to their z-score scaling across the rows, from the non-significant z-scores around 0 on the top and the significant z-scores around 2 at the bottom.

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