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Figure 3

From: The isolation and characterisation of the wheat molecular ZIPper I homologue, Ta ZYP1

Figure 3

TaZYP1 is upregulated during early meiosis and is affected in the ph1b mutant. (A) Q-PCR analysis of TaZYP1 transcript numbers revealed that TaZYP1 is highly expressed during the early stages of meiosis but reduces significantly at the later stages examined in Chinese Spring wild-type (solid line). While the general expression profile of TaZYP1 in the ph1b mutant (dotted line) is similar to that of the wild-type, TaZYP1 transcript numbers are elevated with a 1.3-fold increase seen during leptotene to pachytene when compared to the wild-type. PM-pre-meiotic interphase; L-P-leptotene to pachytene pooled stage; D-A-diplotene to anaphase I pooled stage; IP-immature pollen. (B) No statistically-significant differences in expression levels of TaZYP1 were observed between Bob White MPB26 (BW) wild-type and the Taasy1 mutants. Error bars represent the mean ± standard error of three replicate experiments.

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