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Figure 2

From: Ultrasound Guided Needle Aspiration versus Surgical Drainage in the management of breast abscesses: a Ugandan experience

Figure 2

U.S.S guided needle aspiration of the Right breast abscess of the above patient. Note the needle in the breast abscess cavity during the aspiration process (see the arrows).

Incision and drainage group had a recurrence rate of 3.1% (1/32) during the follow up period. 5 (7.7%) women of the 65 were lost to follow up, 4 patients were from the Ultrasound guided aspiration group and 1 patient from Incision and drainage group. Of the 4 patients in the aspiration group, 2 missed the 2nd visit and the other 2 patients missed the 3rd visit. The patient in the Incision and drainage group lost to follow up in the 3rd visit.

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