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Figure 2

From: Mitochondrial and morphological variation of Tilapia zillii in Israel

Figure 2

Median-joining network of T. zillii control region sequences. The sequences are 860-862 bp long and represent Israeli individuals of the following habitats: TM, Taninim (coastal); EA, Ein Afek (coastal); KN, Kishon (Kishon); KT, Kinneret (Jordan); BS, Beit She’an (Jordan); EF, Ein Feshkha (Dead Sea); NH, Ne’ot HaKikar (Dead-Sea introduced); RG, Ramat Gan (coastal introduced); NM, Nitzanim (coastal introduced); MA, HaMa'apil (coastal introduced). The haplotype numbers (in italics) correspond to the numbers in Table 1.

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