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Table 1 Summary of the SS_SBa Sugarcane BAC library

From: A BAC library of the SP80-3280 sugarcane variety (saccharum sp.) and its inferred microsynteny with the sorghum genome

Germplasm Cloning vector Sugarcane variety SP80-3280 pAGIBAC1
Partial digest enzyme HindIII
Number of clones 36,864
Number of 384-well plates 96
Number of analyzed clones 192
Average insert size (kb) 125
Minimum insert size (kb) 29
Maximum insert size (kb) 293
Number of high quality BES 378
Average BES read length (bp)* 944
Chloroplast contamination (%) 0.5
Mitochondrial contamination None
Number of monoploid genome equivalents** 5-6 X