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Table 2 Topic guide pre-exercise program

From: A qualitative investigation of attitudes towards aerobic and resistance exercise amongst overweight and obese individuals

Main question Probing questions
Why is physical activity good for us? How does it benefit our bodies?
  How does it benefit our lives?
How much physical activity is enough?  
What do you see as barriers to physical activity? Do you do enough physical activity?
Do you think you should do more?
Do you have plans to do more physical activity?
What do feel is stopping you from doing more?
Tell me about your previous experience of physical activity? Have you ever taken part in a physical activity/exercise program?
How long did it last?
What did you most enjoy?
What part did you least enjoy?
What was the easiest part?
What was the most difficult part?
What kind of physical activity/exercise do you think you would enjoy?  
Have you ever tried resistance exercise? Do you know what this is?
What do you think about it?
What benefits do you think it would provide?
What do you find attractive about it?
What do you find unattractive about it?