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Table 1 Instrumental optimised conditions for urine analysis of As, Se and Pt by means HGAAS and ICP–OES

From: Urinary excretion of platinum, arsenic and selenium of cancer patients from the Antofagasta region in Chile treated with platinum-based drugs

Bandpass width 2 nm
Bandpass height Normal
Lamp current 8.0 mA
Backup current 30 mA
Temperature EHG 3000 920°C
N2 flow 45–50 mL/min
Time signal stabilisation 60 s
Reading time 10 s
Spectral line of Pt 265.945 nm
Spectral line of Se 196.026 nm
Nebulising flow 0.40 L/min
Line detection height 6.8 mm
Pump 17.0 rpm
Power 1200 W
Auxiliary gas 0.6 L/min
Ar feed 12.0 L/min
Nebulising chamber Spray trace; Micromist nebuliser at 200 μL/min