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Table 4 MAb 1G5.3 reactions against DENV glycoprotein, HIV-1 gp41 and mammalian blood-clotting factor IX peptides

From: Epitope reactions can be gauged by relative antibody discriminating specificity (RADS) values supported by deletion, substitution and cysteine bridge formation analyses: potential uses in pathogenesis studies

Agent/Proteina Epitope/peptide name/domain (DOM) (Status)b Peptide sequencec ELISA Absd
DENV-2/NS1 24C 299-RTTTASGKLIT-309 3.547
DENV-4/NS1 24C 299-RTTTASGKLVT-309 4.324
DENV-2/NS1 24C (303-A/V Sub) 299-RTTTV SGKLIT-309 0.236
DENV-2/NS1 24C (Rev) 309-TILKGSATTTR-299 0.232
DENV-2/NS1 24C (Core sequence) 301-TTASGKLI-308 3.264
DENV-2/NS1 24C (298-C Ins/303-A/C Sub/Red) C 299-RTTTC SGKLIT-309 1.032
DENV-2/NS1 24C (298-C Ins/303-A/C Sub/Ox Intra) C 299-RTTTC SGKLIT-309 3.161
DENV-2/NS1 24C (305-G/V Sub) 299-RTTTASV KLIT-309 0.198
DENV-2/NS1 24C (298-C Ins/305-G/C Sub/Ox Intra) C 299-RTTTASC KLIT-309 0.110
DENV-2/NS1 24C (305-G Del) 299-RTTTASKLIT-309 0.125
DENV-1-4/E Dom III 391-WFKKGSSIG-399 0.111
DENV-1-4/E Dom III (393-KKGSS-397 Inv) 391-WFSSGKK IG-399 0.864
DENV-4/E Dom II (Red) 116-CAKFSCSGKITK-127 1.323
DENV-4/E Dom II (Ox Intra) 116-CAKFSCSGKITK-127 1.951
DENV-4/E Dom II (121-C/G Sub) 116-CAKFSG SGKITK-127 1.221
DENV-4/E Dom III (309-C Ins/Red) 298-SYTMCSGKFSI-308C 0.122
DENV-4/E Dom III (309-C Ins/Ox Intra) 298-SYTMCSGKFSI-308C 0.324
DENV-4/E Dom III (309-C Ins/303-C/G Sub) 298-SYTMG SGKFSI-308C 0.342
Factor IX Gla Dom (7-γE/E, 8-γE/G Subs) 1-YNSGKLEG FV-10 1.791
Factor IX Gla Dom (2-N/A,7-γE/E, 8-γE/G Subs) 1-YA SGKLEG FV-10 2.795
HIV-1/gp41 Gnann (Red) 598-LGIWGCSGKLICT-609 2.735
HIV-1/gp41 Gnann (Ox 603-C-608-C Intra) 598-LGIWGCSGKLICT-609 3.673
HIV-1/gp41 Gnann (Red) 598-LGIWGCSGKLICT-609 3.518
HIV-1/gp41 Gnann (Ox 603-C Inter/608-C Inter) 598-LGIWGCSGKLICT-609 3.823
HIV-1/gp41 Gnann (603-C and 608-C/G Subs) 598-LGIWGG SGKLIG T-609 3.642
  1. aInfectious agents as dengue virus type-1 to −4 (DENV-1 to DENV-4) or human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) and the protein as the DENV nonstructural-1 (NS1) or envelope (E) glycoprotein, HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein 41 (gp41) or the mammalian blood-clotting factor IX.
  2. bEpitope name (e.g. the 24C or Gnann epitopes) or peptide (e.g. N-TERM) name from the DENV NS1 glycoprotein or the antigenic domain (Dom II or III) of the DENV E glycoproteins or the Gla domain (Gla Dom) of blood-clotting factor IX. The peptide status as being prepared in the reverse orientation (Rev), containing a substitution (Sub) (e.g. 303-A by V substitution = 303-A/V Sub), insertion (Ins) or deletion (Del), or having their cysteine (C) residues reduced (Red) or oxidized (Ox) to form intra-peptide (Intra) or inter-peptide (Inter) cysteine bonds.
  3. cThe amino acid sequence location, with the peptides prepared in the reverse orientation or containing substituted, inserted or inverted amino acid residues (underlined).
  4. dAverage ELISA absorbance (490 nm) against duplicate peptides when reacted at a dilution of 50 times their reciprocal 50% end-point ELISA titer obtained against the native hexameric DENV-2 NS1 glycoprotein (standard deviation range: 0.00 (low values) to 0.09 (high values)). Absorbance values above 1.000 are underlined and those above 3.000 are shown in bold.