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Figure 3

From: Quantitative cross-validation and content analysis of the 450k DNA methylation array from Illumina, Inc.

Figure 3

Comparison of methylation levels for four imprinted loci. The methylation level of GNAS, KvDMR, RB1, and DIRAS3 was measured in four healthy normal mammary tissue samples using pyrosequencing and the 450k methylation array. Shown are the mean values, the error bars indicating the standard deviation. For KvDMR six CpG sites represented on the 450k array are measured by the pyrosequencing assay. For the remaining three loci only one CpG site was also measured by the pyrosequencing assay. In addition the data from Supplementary Table S2 from Woodfine et al. [17] are incorporated. These data are also obtained by pyrosequencing from 3 or 6 normal mammary tissue specimens. No standard deviations are reported for these data

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