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Table 1 Number of predicted gene sequences from the 12Xv1 grapevine genome coverage showing cardinality values higher than one when compared with predicted genes in other versions and assemblies

From: Comparative analysis of grapevine whole-genome gene predictions, functional annotation, categorization and integration of the predicted gene sequences

  Multiple 12Xv1 genes matching one gene in another set Multiple genes in another set matching one 12Xv1 gene Multiple situations
  Redundant Overlap Split Merged To split
Comparison 8X 623 1429 428 1774 147 122
Comparison mRNA 54 14 7    
Comparison 12Xv0 2735 846 5
  1. Redundant: multiple genes match the same portion of one gene in other set. Overlap, Split, Merged, and To split: multiple genes match different portions of one gene in other set. Overlap and To split: 12Xv1 genes need to be modified respectively (either merged with another gene or split).