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Table 5 Putative stress marker genes retrieved from the microarray analysis

From: Microarray-based uncovering reference genes for quantitative real time PCR in grapevine under abiotic stress

Name Probeset ID Accession Regulation WS fc HS fc
PCO VVTU27646_s_at XM_002284733 Down −12.14 −1.44
GalSynt VVTU3450_at XM_002262615 Up 49.98 22.25
BKCoAS VVTU16209_at XM_002284475 Down −3.44 −14.53
HSP17 VVTU13941_at XM_002267919 Up 2.92 292.07
  1. Gene name, probeset identification (ID), NCBI reference, fold change of the most differentially expressed genes (i.e., highest and lowest fold change values) in (WS) and heat (HS) obtained from the analysis of the microarray [39].