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Table 1 Proportion of Canadian and non-Canadian IMGs classified by Ego Identity Status ( n= 46)

From: Ego identity development in physicians: a cross-cultural comparison using a mixed method approach


CIMG (n = 20)

Non-CIMGs (n = 26)

Ego status



11 (55%)

None (0%)

High commitment/High exploration

I first became interested in medicine as an adult - two years before applying to medicine. I did a business degree when I was in engineering.



9 (45%)

26 (100%)

High commitment/Low exploration

I was always committed to medicine. If I didn’t get into medicine I would have got further science degrees and then applied to medicine again. I never did any long term work.

When I was two or three years old my parents told me I would be a doctor, and I believed them. I am working to do what it takes to become a doctor so I am not spending time with a job or courses outside of medicine.

  1. Note: Fisher’s exact test (1) = 18.79, p < .0001.