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Table 1 Experimental structures and predicted structures of PA serine proteases across different taxa

From: Modeling and structural analysis of PA clan serine proteases

Species Structure MEROPS ID
Achromobacter lyticus PBD: 1ARC-A MER000277
Staphylococcus aureus PBD: 1QY6-A MER000264
Streptomyces griseus PBD: 1SGC-A MER000251
Plasmodium falciparum PMDB: PM0075793 MER024901
Pyrococcus furiosus PMDB: PM0075794 MER017398
Fusarium oxysporum PBD: 1TRY-A MER000073
Neurospora crassa PMDB: PM0075795 MER028331
Arabidopsis thaliana PMDB: PM0075796 MER016541
Bos taurus PBD: 1EKB-B MER000207
  PBD: 1JRS-A MER000024
Eisenia fetida PBD: 1M9U-A MER011050
Homo sapiens PBD: 1SGI-B MER000188
  PBD: 1A0L-A MER000136
  PBD: 1ABJ-H MER000188
  PBD: 2ANY-A MER000203
Mus musculus PBD: 1AO5-A MER000103
Rattus rattus PBD: 1DPO-A MER000030
Salmo salar PBD: 1BIT-A MER000035
Solenopsis invicta PBD: 1EQ9-A MER027244
Trimeresurus stejnejer PBD: 1BQY-A MER002805