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Figure 1

From: Extraction of DNA from plant and fungus tissues in situ

Figure 1

Basic field DNA extraction equipment (a) and backpack (b). All of the equipment needed for extraction to the point of DNA precipitation in ethanol is included. a.

Equipment pictured (left to right): plastic waste containers, dissecting tools, adapter cables, 6 V batteries, microfuge tube racks, mailing canister (chloroform bottle inside), pipetters (P20, P200, P1000), battery-operated microfuge, 100% ethanol, 80% ethanol, styrofoam box (with 2X CTAB, CTAB precipitation buffer, high salt TE buffer, 0.1X TE, RO water), 1.5 ml microfuge tubes, waste container, labeling tape, manual grinding tools, pipette tips, gloves, backpack. Not pictured: heating source, manually-operated centrifuge (usually, either the battery-operated or the manually-operated centrifuge would be utilized; see Figure2), and battery-operated grinding tools (see Figure6). b. Backpack with all of the equipment and supplies in 1a packed inside. The two 6 V lantern batteries can be seen in pockets on each side of the backpack. The total weight of the fully loaded backpack was 24 lbs (approximately 10 kg). Additional free space remained in the backpack.

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