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Figure 6

From: Oscillations in MAPK cascade triggered by two distinct designs of coupled positive and negative feedback loops

Figure 6

Schematics of compartmentalized MAPK signaling and transcriptional induction of the phosphatase P3-n. The MK, MK* and MK** comprises of the cytoplasmic fraction which translocate to the nucleus and their nuclear counterparts are MK-n, MK*-n and MK**-n. The cytoplasmic and nuclear components together constitute the total MK. MK**-n transcriptionally induces mRNA of P3-n which is shown as PreP3mRNA that finally leads to translation of P3-n in the cytoplasm (shown as P3-c). Upon nuclear translocation P3-c becomes P3-n and dephosphorylates MK**-n and MK*-n. Phosphorylation, dephosphorylation, transcription, translation, and nuclear-cytoplasmic shuffling are represented with distinct arrowheads/types and lines with blunt heads.

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