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Figure 7

From: Oscillations in MAPK cascade triggered by two distinct designs of coupled positive and negative feedback loops

Figure 7

Oscillations in S1n. Oscillations in the MAPK cascade with underlying feedback design PN-I are not altered or abolished by its nuclear translocation and induction of the nuclear phosphatase P3-n (A) Oscillations in MK** and MK**-n when P3 dephosphorylated MK** in the cytoplasm and P3-n dephosphorylated MK**-n in the nucleus. (B) Oscillations of MK** and MK**-n when P3 was knocked out from the system, implying P3 = 0 throughout the simulations but when P3-n was allowed to be produced transcriptionally. (C) Oscillations in MK** and MK**-n, when P3 = 0 throughout the simulations, and P3-n production was stopped at time = 600 seconds. (D) P3 is knocked out initially; P3-n production was stopped at 600 seconds, which was followed by reverting the P3 concentration back to its reference value (P3 = 500 nM), at 10000 seconds.

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