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Table 1 Some international studies that were carried out on different water sources and their measured radon concentration levels

From: Exposure assessment of radon in the drinking water supplies: a descriptive study in Palestine

Country Water source Radon concentration Reference Notes
United Kingdom Tap water 1-2 Bq/L (range) [9] The mean radon level was below 11 Bq/L which is the safe level approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S EPA) [10].
Finland Drill Wells 130 Bq/L (mean) [11] Aimed to find if there is a relationship between radon from ingestion of water and stomach cancers. The risk for stomach cancer from radon was 0.69 (not significant).
Italy Ground water/Volcanic area 1.8-52.7 Bq/L (range) [12] About 40% of the samples (n = 119) exceeded the maximum contaminant level of 11 Bq/L proposed by the U.S EPA.