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Table 1 Questionnaire dimensions of part A

From: Low-threshold support for families with dementia in Germany

Dimension Items FCG/PWD1 V2 C3 IR4
Coordinators characteristics Age/Gender/Educational level    X  
  Professional qualifications    X  
  Activities in direct care    X  
  Length of activities as coordinator    X  
Volunteers characteristics Age/Gender/Educational level/Employment   X   
  Caring experience   X   
  Caring experience with people with dementia   X   
  Compatibility of voluntary engagement and family/job   X   
  Motivation for voluntary engagement   X   
Family caregivers characteristics Age/Gender/Educational level/Employment X    
  Relationship to care recipient X    
  Length of caring X    
  Support from others X    
  Burden of caring X    
persons with dementia characteristics Age/Gender/Educational level X    
  Care level/Problems in daily life X    
  Diagnosis “dementia” X    
  First memory problems X    
  1. 1FCG – family caregiver; PWD– person with dementia.
  2. 2 V – volunteer.
  3. 3 C - coordinator.
  4. 4IR– institution representative.