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Table 2 Questionnaire dimensions of part B

From: Low-threshold support for families with dementia in Germany

Dimension Items FCG/PWD V C IR
Institution characteristics Kind of institution     X
  Different kinds of services offered by the institution     X
  Care recipients per single service     X
  Staff members (overall)     X
  Low-threshold support offers     X
  Care recipients in low-threshold support offers     X
  Financing     X
  Aims of low-threshold support offers X X X X
Service characteristics Kinds of service involved X X X  
  Kinds of service offered     X
  Number of care recipients per service    X  
  Number of volunteers per service    X  
  Length of service use X    
  Length of acting   X   
  Regularity of service use X    
  Weekly expenditure of time   X   
  Reason for service use X    
  Duration of care X    
  Taking notice of the service X X   
  Place of service X    
  Costs and Invoicing X X X  
  Carpool    X  
  Compensation for expenses   X X  
  Benefit by the service/use of other services X    
  Personal benefit/Burden of the commitment   X   
  Activities offered   X   
  Extraction of volunteers    X