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Table 3 Questionnaire dimensions of part C

From: Low-threshold support for families with dementia in Germany

Dimension Items FCG/PWD V C IR
Volunteer Knowledge X X   
  Supervision   X X  
  Education   X X  
  Trustworthiness X X X  
  Reward X X X  
  Personal aptitude/competence X X X  
  Selection    X  
Service Accessibility X X   
  Flexibility of care X X X  
  Continuity of care X X X  
  Costs of care X X X  
  Meal X    
  Concept for care   X X  
  Control of care X X X  
  Contact person for the FCG/PWD X X X  
  Individual care/adaption X X X  
Others Safety during care X    
  Relationship between V and FCG/PWD X X X  
  Competence of the coordinator    X