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Figure 2

From: Comparison of PCR-based detection of chromogranin A mRNA with traditional histological lymph node staging of small intestinal neuroendocrine neoplasia

Figure 2

Chromogranin A transcript expression level of and degree of lymph node involvement by tumor. The mean (and SEM) expression level of 3 different CgA primers, namely CHGA Hs00900369_s1 (2a), CHGA Hs00900371_s1 (2b), and CHGA Hs00900373_s1 (2c) is shown. The expression level of CgA differs significantly in all three primers (p < .0001, p = .0004 and p < .0001 respectively). Post-hoc testing shows significantly higher expression in the ‘total replacement’ group than in the ‘nil’ or ‘minimal tumor’ groups for all primers. In addition, post hoc tests show a significant difference between ‘Nil’ and ‘partial replacement’ in the primer shown in 2c.

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