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Figure 1

From: Molecular epidemiology of livestock rabies viruses isolated in the northeastern Brazilian states of Paraíba and Pernambuco from 2003 - 2009

Figure 1

A phylogenetic tree based on the nucleotide sequences of the N gene. A phylogenetic tree based on the nucleotide sequences of 890 nt (bases 89-978) of the N gene was constructed using the method devised by Saitou and Nei [12]; the bootstrap probabilities of each node were calculated using 1,000 replicates. The designations BRbv, BRsp, BRgt, BRhr, BR-Pfx, and BR-DR indicate samples from Brazilian cattle, sheep, goats, horses, foxes, and vampire bats, respectively. MOKV and ABLV denote the Mokola virus and Australian bat lyssavirus, respectively. State abbreviations are as follows: PB, Paraíba; PE, Pernambuco; GO, Goiás; SP, São Paulo; RJ, Rio de Janeiro; MT, Mato Grosso; TO, Tocantins; MA, Maranhão; PA, Pará; MS, Mato Grosso do Sul. The triangle and star symbols represent the new sub-lineage (group A) and the previously reported lineage (group B), respectively.

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