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Table 3 Neurological deficit discovered, the injury sustained and the initial examination in the emergency department

From: Neurological status in paediatric upper limb injuries in the emergency department – current practice

Age Neurological Deficit Injury Initial Documentation Hospital Attended
12 Ulna Paraesthesia Dislocated Elbow Nil Other
8 Median Paraesthesia Ulna & Radius # CSM Other
8 Median Paraesthesia Radial # NVI Base
8 Radial Neurapraxia Supracondylar # NVI Base
8 AIN Palsy + Median Paraesthesia Supracondylar # NVI Base
7 Median Paraesthesia Supracondylar # NVI Other
8 Median Paraethesia Radial # NVI Base
9 Radial Palsy Ulna & Radius # Movement Base
11 Ulna Paraesthesia Ulna & Radius # CSM Base
6 AIN Palsy Supracondylar# Nil Other