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Figure 2

From: Construction and use of a prokaryotic expression system for Helicobacter pylori AhpC

Figure 2

A. Target amplification fragments of  tsaA  gene. Lane 1: Low mass ladder (New England Biolab); Lanes 2 & 3: Target amplification fragments of tsaA gene (~600 bp) form G27 and positive control 26695; Lane 4: Blank control. B. PCR showing E. coli BL21 colonies after cloning, positive for tsaA gene by direct colony PCR method. Lane 1 is low mass ladder. Lanes with + sign show successful transformants. C. PCR for tsaA using plasmid extracts of transformed E. coli BL21 colonies. Lane 1 is low mass ladder. Lanes with bands at target site (~600 bp) show successful transformants.

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