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Table 3 Analyses of variance using community dissimilarity matrices with permutation tests for significance (function adonis in R package vegan) for digests from microbial communities from urinary catheters

From: Early development of bacterial community diversity in emergently placed urinary catheters

Digest F R2 P
 Subject 4.558 0.3943 <0.001***
 Time 5.168 0.0859 <0.001***
 Surface 1.247 0.0220 0.0728†
 Axial location 1.404 0.0248 0.0443*
 Subject 13.0268 0.6551 <0.001***
 Time 0.7831 0.0143 0.4522
 Surface 0.3593 0.0066 0.4373
 Axial location 0.8751 0.0161 0.0483*
  1. For each digest, results are given from three different analyses: the effect of subject was tested in a model with subject as the only independent variable and the effect of time was tested in a model with time as the only independent variable. Surface and axial location (continuous) were tested together in the same model, with permutation tests restricted within subject in a type III anova. Digests of microbial communities from urinary catheters from 5 males and 3 females catheterized in a level 1 trauma center for 1 to 16 days.
  2. *** is p <0.001, *p <0.05 and †p <0.10.