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Table 2 Comprehensive geriatric assessment at the Department of Geriatrics

From: Development and delivery of patient treatment in the Trondheim Hip Fracture Trial. A new geriatric in-hospital pathway for elderly patients with hip fracture

Dimensions assessed Somatic health – concurrent injuries or medical conditions, drug regimen, pain, falls, osteoporosis
  Mental health - cognition, depression, anxiety
  Function - ADL, IADL, mobility, sensory loss, elimination
  Social situation - place of residence, network, caregiver burden
Interdisciplinary team work Dedicated responsibilities
Interdisciplinary team meetings 1st day postoperatively: plan for individual treatment, goal setting, discharge planning,
  4th day postoperatively: evaluation, discharge planning
Systematic approach Checklists
  Treatment protocols
  Assessment scales (Barthel Index, Cumulated Ambulation
  Score: Confusion Assessment Method, Verbal Rating Scale)
Mobilization/Rehabilitation Mobilization out of bed 1st day postoperatively
  Individualised plan for mobilization and participation in ADL being integrated in care plans and ward activities
Discharge planning Collaboration with patient, caregivers and municipality
  Mapping of pre-fracture function, place of residence and social situation
  Discuss discharge destination 1st day postoperatively
  Set realistic short- and long-term goals
  Organize institutional care, aids, assistance, physiotherapy when appropriate
  1. ADL – Activities of Daily Living. IADL- Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.