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Figure 2

From: Statin cost effectiveness in primary prevention: A systematic review of the recent cost-effectiveness literature in the United States

Figure 2

Reported ranges of cost-effectiveness ratios. Reported range of cost per QALY or LYG for the use of statins for primary prevention within each study. Also shown is the projected cost per QALY or LYG for men at average or 7.5% 10-year risk for coronary disease. Values shown are derived from the “base case” assumptions of the model used in each study, with the variable being the risk level of the patient population or the treatment strategy applied. For Prosser et al., Caro et al., and Pignone et al., these values represent ranges for men at varying risk levels. For Pletcher et al., these values represent the cost-effectiveness of statin treatment strategies as compared to a baseline of standard primary prevention guidelines. All values adjusted to 2006 dollars. QALY, quality adjusted life year; LYG, life year gained.

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