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Figure 5

From: Rationalization of paclitaxel insensitivity of yeast β-tubulin and human βIII-tubulin isotype using principal component analysis

Figure 5

Loop-loop interactions in paclitaxel-bound animal β-tubulin (pdb ID: 1JFF). a) The side-chain of Ser277 is shown in two rotameric states — the first rotamer (as found in 1JFF) lacks Ser277-Lys218 interaction while the second rotamer (generated in silico) shows Ser277-Lys218 H-bond (blue line) interaction. The interaction between Ser280 and Lys218 is present in the crystal structure. b) Disposition of loops of panel (a) with two in silico mutations (S277A and K278I; 277A and 278I are present in yeast β-tubulin) exhibiting a three-center hydrophobic interaction (L219-L217-I278).

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