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Table 1 The contents of the psycho-educational program

From: The effectiveness of a group psycho-educational program on family caregiver burden of patients with mental disorders

Session Session goal Content
Pre Session To orient caregivers to the program, to create a trusting relationship between the caregivers and instructors · Overview of the program and introduction of the instructors and members to each other.
   · Discussion of the importance of orientation to patient behaviors and symptoms
   · Completion of Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI) questionnaire by participants.
   · Assessment of family needs.
1 To understand the disorder, its symptoms and treatments, and its effects on patients and families · Case presentation. The instructor offers explanations of the symptoms and behaviors, and their effects on the family.
   · Discussion of the etiology and treatments
   · Question-answer and group discussion.
2 To recognize the effect of medications and compliance, and to orient caregivers to the warning signs of relapse and relapse prevention · A review of the previous session.
   · Discussion of positive and negative effects of drugs and problems related to side effects.
   · Emphasis on the importance of drug compliance.
   · Discussion about the warning signs of relapse.
   · Explanation of the family role in relapse prevention.
   · Question-answer and group discussion.
3 To manage the patient’s symptoms, to gain skills in coping with the patient’s symptoms, and to understand effective ways to express emotion and improve communication skills. · A review of the previous session.
   · Discussion of the importance of effective communication skills in the family and with the patients when they have symptoms.
   · Explanation of skills for coping with some of the patients’ symptoms, and cognitive and behavioral techniques for managing patients’ symptoms
   · Exploring intense emotions towards the patient.
   · Discussion of expressing emotion and the emotional environment in the family.
   · Discussion of how to cope with the patient’s negative emotions (for example, suicide behavior in mood disorder patients).
   · Question-answer and group discussion.
4 To orient caregivers to stress management and relaxation for the family · A review of the previous session.
   · Introduction of the importance of stress management in the family.
   · Discussion of ways to reduce stress.
   · Practicing relaxation methods during the session.
   · Question-answer and group discussion.
   · Conclusion