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Figure 4

From: Factors affecting the yield of microRNAs from laser microdissectates of formalin-fixed tissue sections

Figure 4

Assessment of RNA prepared from FFPE tissue microdissectates. A. Scatter-plot of area and RNA yield as per RiboGreen assay for 27 tissue samples obtained by laser microdissection (LMD). The best line of fit with the least squares method is shown. B. Measurements in RiboGreen assay following treatment of four RNA preparations with RNAse A or DNAse I enzyme relative to treatment without either. Means with their standard errors are shown. C. Microarray signal values (dots) and inter-duplicate Pearson correlation coefficient, r (lines) for 747 microRNAs measured in duplicate using 250 (grey) or 400 ng (black) of RNA prepared from an LMD sample. A rolling window of width 99 along the × axis was used for calculating value of r at the mid-window abscissa.

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