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Table 4 Comparison of community knowledge, action, and malaria treatment between the VMW and the HC villages

From: Promoting community knowledge and action for malaria control in rural Cambodia: potential contributions of Village Malaria Workers

   Adjusted Odds Ratio 95%CI β p
    Lower Upper   
Knowledge about the cause of malalria* VMW(n=153) 0.60 0.30 1.22   
Knowledge about malalria symptoms* VMW(n=153) 0.40 0.19 0.83   
Knowledge about government-recommended drug* VMW(n=153) 0.55 0.25 1.23   
Preventive and control measures taken† VMW(n=110)     -0.191 0.315
Time before first treatment† VMW(n=110)     0.053 0.721
  1. *Multiple logistic regression and †multiple regression, controlling for potential confounders (age, sex, marital status, education, occupation, the number of household member, income, first treatment source, distance from health facility).