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Table 1 Comparison between structurally similar 2-OG dependent proteins

From: Distribution and prediction of catalytic domains in 2-oxoglutarate dependent dioxygenases

  Taurine dioxygenase (TauD) Alkylsulfatase (AtsK)
Organism Escherichia coli Pseudomonas putida
alpha/beta content   
DSBH (core) β (5–8,14-17) β (1–7;13–16)
Extended β (9–10), α (1–6) β (8–12), α (3–5)
PDB id 1GQW (Ref.[229]) 1OIK (Ref.[227])
Sequence identity (%) 41-42
Z score (rmsd) 31.8-34.4 (1.2-1.3)
Active site geometry (amino acid nos.)   
Sphere of radius 5 A0 (Fe/2-OG/Substrate) 18 17
Identical residues 13
Reaction catalyzed sulfate cleaving activity
Substrate profile taurine (sulfonic acids) aliphatic sulfate esters
  Phytanoyl -CoA hydroxylase(PAHX) Pentalenolactone hydrolase(PtlH)
Organism Homo sapiens Streptomyces avermitilis
alpha/beta content   
DSBH (core) β (6,8-13) β (2-4, 7-10)  
Extended β (1–2,5,15) β (1), a (1-6)  
PDB id 2A1X (Ref.[220]) 2RDN (Ref.[226])
Sequence identity (%) 20
Z score (rmsd) 17.1 (2.9)
Amino acids within sphere of radius 5 A 0 (Fe/2-OG/Substrate) 12 18
Reaction catalyzed hydroxylation ring closure
Substrate profile phytanoyl CoA (medium chain) 1-deoxypentalenic acid