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Table 2 Classification of 2-OG dependent dioxygenases

From: Distribution and prediction of catalytic domains in 2-oxoglutarate dependent dioxygenases

  Family (This work)*
 Demethylation ALKB, COLY
 Chlorinating CHLO
 Ring closure (cyclization) CYCL
 Desaturation CLAS, CYCL, FLAV
 Sulfate cleavage TDLP
 Ring expansion DACS
 Ether bond cleavage TFDA
Amino acid/protein/derivative  
 Arginine ARGI
 Aspartyl; Asparagine ASPA
 Lysine COLY, HILY
 Proline CP3H,CP4H,HP4H
 Sulfonic acids (taurine), isethionate, taurocholate SULF (TDLP)
 gamma-butyrobetaine GBBH
 Collagen CP3H,CP4H,COLY
Nucleotide/ nucleoside  
 Thymidine THYD
 Thymine THYE
 Xanthine XANT
Misc. organic  
 Pro-clavaminate CLAS
 Deacetoxycephalosporin DACS
 Ectoine ECTO
 2 S-flavanones FLAV
 Gibberellins GIAC
 Hyoscyamine HYOS
 Phytanoyl-CoA PHYT
 PAA based pesticides/ herbicides TFDA
 Cyclopentane PTLH
 Aliphatic sulfate esters ATSK
 Translation in eukaryotes (eIF2α) OGFD
  1. (*) Note: Details of protein sequences used in this analysis (uniprot & PDB ids, references) are included as Additional file 1 : Table S1.