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Table 1 Profession and organisation of initial contacts, number of links and contacts in the network analysis

From: Identification of potential opinion leaders in child health promotion in Sweden using network analysis

Informant Profession Organisation Number of links and contacts
1 Manager, Division of Public Health Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions 5 links
69 contacts
2 Public health officer, responsible for a national forum for local and regional public health work Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions 4 links
44 contacts
3 President, National Public Health Committee Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the Swedish Government 3 links
19 contacts
4 Ombudsman Ombudsman for Children in Sweden 1 link
14 contacts
5 Chief secretary Children´s welfare foundation Sweden 1 link
7 contacts
6 President Children´s welfare foundation Sweden No response
7 President Swedish Association of Public Health Work No response