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Figure 2

From: No evidence of a death-like function for species B1 human adenovirus type 3 E3-9K during A549 cell line infection

Figure 2

HAdV-3p E3-9K mutant virus-induced cytopathic effect in A549 cells. A549 cells were infected with HAdV-3 control viruses (HAdV-3p-WT, HAdV-3p-E3-9K-rec) or HAdV-3p-E3-9K mutant viruses (HAdV-3p-E3-9K-KO, HAdV-3p-E3-9K-NULL) at a MOI of 1 PFU/cell and analyzed by light microscopy 4 days pi. Classical adenovirus CPE was characterized by “webbing” or “lacy” appearance of cells followed by rounding and detaching of cells from the culture plate surface.

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