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Table 1 Immunohistochemical characterization of molecular subtypes of breast cancer

From: Prevalence of molecular subtypes and prognosis of invasive breast cancer in north-east of Morocco: retrospective study

Molecular subtypes Immunohistochemical characterization
Luminal A ER + and/or PR+, HER2- CK8/18+
Luminal B ER + and/or PR+, HER2+, CK8/18+
HER2+ ER-, PR-, HER2+
basal-like ER-, PR-, HER2- and CK 5/6+, HER1+ and/or CK14+
Unclassified ER-, PR-, HER2-, CK 5/6-, HER1- and CK14-
  1. ER = estrogen receptor; PR = progesterone receptor; HER2 = human epidermal growth factor receptor 2; HER1 = human epidermal growth factor receptor 1; CK = cytokeratin.