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Figure 2

From: LogSpin: a simple, economical and fast method for RNA isolation from infected or healthy plants and other eukaryotic tissues

Figure 2

RNA separation on 1% agarose gel. A: RNA extracted from Arabidopsis leaves. Lane 1, RNA extracted using Qiagen RNeasy kit (kit) and lane 2, RNA extracted by LogSpin protocol. B: RNA extracted from B. cinerea (Botrytis) or A. brassicicola (Alternaria) mycelium. Lanes 1 and 3, RNA extracted using Norgen Plant/Fungi RNA Purification kit (kit). Lanes 2 and 4, RNA extracted using LogSpin protocol. C: Qualitative assessment of the integrity of a total RNA sample extracted using LogSpin protocol from tomato leaves by bioanalyzer. M (bp), DNA ladder in base pairs; kit, gel provided by the bioanalyzer kit.

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