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Table 3 Relation of p53 immunoreactivty to p53 mutation analyzed by SSCP and DNA sequencing

From: Specific-mutational patterns of p53 gene in bladder transitional cell carcinoma among a group of Iraqi patients exposed to war environmental hazards

  Total p53 nuclear reactivity No. (%) P value
Positive Negative
p53 mutation No. (%) 29 17(58.6) 12(41.4)  
p53 mut 11(37.9) 7(63.7) 4(36.3) 0.09
p53 wt 18(62.1) 10(55.6) 8(44.4)  
  1. P-value> 0.05 (Fisher’s exact probability test); Mut, mutant; wt, wild-type.