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Table 1 Precision for detecting contact versus non-contact residues at 20% recall

From: Mutual information and variants for protein domain-domain contact prediction

Contact prediction
MI variant Precision contact vs. non-contact
MIc 44.9
MIp 42.3
MIcRA 36.9
MIpRA 35.8
MIp3D 31.8
MIp3DRA 29.4
MIRA 28.4
Random 24.5
MI 24.4
RandomRA 24.4
MI3DRA 23.5
MI3D 19.9
  1. Results are given for the 40 test cases. MI variants are listed in descending order of contact versus non-contact precision, i.e. best to worst classifier of contact residues. The probability of randomly selecting a contact residue from all surface residues is 24.5%. This probability changes to 24.4% when using the reduced alphabet amino acid set because residues are lost as the entropy of their corresponding MSA column reduces to 0.