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Table 3 Precision at 20% recall of contact prediction algorithms used within Brown and Brown[11] pipeline

From: Mutual information and variants for protein domain-domain contact prediction

Brown and Brown[11] pipeline
Algorithms Precision contact vs. non-contact
MIp - original, minus buried 42.3
SCA 31
ZNMI 30.5
ZRES 28.9
MIp 27.1
MI 25.7
OMES 25.7
MI - original, minus buried 24.4
  1. Results are given for the 40 test cases. The Brown and Brown[11] pipeline was applied to the contact residue prediction algorithms listed in column one, with the exceptions of MIp and MI “original, minus buried.” As in Table1, these two algorithms were run independently of the pipeline and buried residue columns, residue columns with one ore more gaps or an entropy of 0 were filtered out. The table is arranged in descending order of precision.