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Table 4 Performance of MI and MIc on a histidine kinase (HK) - response regulator (RR) complex

From: Mutual information and variants for protein domain-domain contact prediction

Case study
  DHp: 9 contacts out of 46 RR: 24 contacts out of 68
  Contacts among top 9 p-value Contacts among top 24 p-value
MI 3 0.2503 9 0.4864929
MIc 4 0.0800 9 0.4864929
  1. MI and MIc are run on the HK-RR MSA provided by Hamer et al.[12]. Each surface, ungapped DHp residue column, having a column entropy greater than 0, is assigned the maximum score it achieves when paired with the RR residue columns. These DHp residues are then ranked according to score and the number of true contact residues amongst the top nine scores are recorded for MI and MIc respectively. The same steps are applied to residues in the RR and the number of true contact residues in the top 24 scores are counted for MI and MIc. The p-value refers to the probability of seeing a number this large or larger under the corresponding Binomial model.