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Table 2 A list of putative interacting residues in the protein-protein interface for TNFR1 and HP986 proteins using a combination of Meta-PPISP and ODA tools

From: Computational prediction of protein-protein complexes

C104(117), S105(118), L106(119), L108(121),N109 (122), T111(124) H113(126), L114(127), C116(129), N121(134) to E136(149) D1(97), F2(98), R3(99), K4(100), Y5(101), I6(102), I7(103), G9(105) to F11(107), E13(109), Y14(110), Y16(112) to E18(114), L20(116), R32(128) to I36(132), K72(168), L76(172), I104(200), D105(201), I124(220)
  1. Residue numbers are numbered according to the model returned by ZDock and ClusPro. (Numbers in parentheses are the numbers in the actual sequence in NCBI database).